1.       What are food supplements?

Food supplements are food intended to supplement the normal diet and which are concentrate sources of vitamins and minerals or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, used alone or in combination, and which are marketed in a dosage forms like capsules, tablets, pills or other similar as powder, liquid ampoules and other like liquids or powdered forms, intended to be administered in a preliminary dosed small quantities. Unlike conventional foods, nutritional supplements may have a recommended intake, as well as contain other specific information for consumers, for example, that they should be kept out of reach of children.

2.       Is there a need of regulatory approval for food supplements by a competent Authority in Bulgaria?


There is no need of regulatory approval for food supplements. Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BABH) is an official competent Authority performing control in Bulgaria in a correspondence with EU legislation. BABH’s main activities are listed in the Law of Bulgarian Food Agency.


3.       Can food supplements be taken together with medicinal products?

Food supplements should be taken along with medicinal products only after consultation with physician or pharmacist. Interactions with certain medicinal products cannot be excluded and the effects of specific medicinal products may be weakened or enhanced. This may have negative effect on the treatment.

4.       How food supplements could be recognised?

Based on the current low, each food supplement on its packaging, the following label should appear: “food supplement”

5.       How long it can be used?

The period of usage is mentioned on the outer box of the product.

6.       Is it safe to buy product by internet?

Based on the current regulation, it is not forbidded bying food supplement via internet?