About Us

Natstim EOOD was founded in 2003 by Prof. MPharm Rahamin Shekerdzhiyski, lecturer with many years of experience at the Faculty of Pharmacy – Medical University of Sofia and a specialist in the field of pharmaceutical production. The mission of the company is to create effective nutritional supplements adapted to the modern lifestyle! Thus Natstim provides health and vitality of his clients and their families! Read the Policy of Natstim EOOD here.

The nutritional supplements of Natstim EOOD are unique

They have been created by a team of experts with over 60 years of experience in pharmacy.

Their action is scientifically justified by proved institutions.

Their ingredients come from the best producers of plant extracts and vitamins worldwide.

Their performance is guaranteed by the quality certificates of the raw materials used.

The final control is carried out by independent, accredited laboratories.

Each product that reaches our clients is created and packaged in our own production facility. It is certified according to the most stringent European and world standards for safety and quality (ISO 9001-2015 and HACCP).

ISO 9001:2015
HACCP 2024-2027
FDA 2024

Our Partners

The nutritional supplements that Natstim EOOD sells on the Bulgarian market are only a part of the company’s activities. We work with partners in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Sweden, Ukraine, USA, and others. We export over 15 nutritional supplements under the Natstim brand. We manufacture and package end products for a prestigious brand of nutritional supplements in the USA.


National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases – joint development and production of patented immunostimulants


Development of nutritional supplements for servicemen working in harmful chemical environment, etc.


Study on the preventive potential of Respistim plus in ionizing radiation and the impact of the antioxidants Respistim plus and Immunooxyprevent in crisis situations with the National Research Laboratory for Radiation Protection