The intense physical activity of the body combined with high temperatures and increased humidity further increase body temperature, as a result of which cooling becomes extremely insufficient and disrupts the homeostatic body balance by losing a large amount of water and salts which lead to dehydration


This water-electrolyte solution helps prevent dehydration by delivering electrolytes and daily vitamin needs to:

  • active lifestyle;
  • intensive work activities;
  • intensive training activities in all kind of sports;
  • hiking.

Supports immune system functions.

Recommended dosage and instructions for use:

For people over 18 years of age. Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 0.5 ml of water. Take one sachet per day. For prolonged dehydration in difficult weather conditions resulting in increased sweating, the daily dose may be adjusted according to the advice of health care professional.
The product can be taken every day, providing daily vitamin needs.

Do not exceed the recommended dailydose!
Not to be used as a substitute for varied diet!



IngredientsIn maximum daily dose of one sachet
Guarana extract (22% cаffeine)200 mg (44 % caffeine)
Sodium (as citrate)160 mg (14 mmol/l)
Pottasium (as chloride)90 mg (4 mmol/l)
Ascorbic acid (vitamin С)230 mg
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)3.2 mg
Niacin (nicotinamide)16 µg NE
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)6 mg
Vitamin Е14 mg α-TE
Vitamin B61.6 mg
Vitamin В11.2 mg
Beta carotene1 mg
Vitamin A500 µg RE
Folic acid400 µg
Biotin30 µg
Vitamin К30 µg
Vitamin D5 µg (200 IU)
VitaminВ 122.4 µg

Excipients: fillings: glucose, maltodextrin, acid regulator: lemon acid, thickener: glucomanan, natural lemon flavor, sweetener: sterol glycosides, anti-caking agents: silica dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Additional Information

With mild dehydration of 1% (750 ml to 1 liter) thirst, dry mouth, nervousness, muscle weakness can be felt.

Moderate to severe dehydration can cause orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, dizziness or fainting when standing up), muscle cramps due to a decrease in calcium and magnesium in the blood.

Prolonged and severe dehydration leads to shock, renal failure, confusion, acidosis, coma and even death.