After the age of 40, the levels of the testosterone hormone in the body decrease. This leads to a decrease in bone and muscle mass, loss of sexual excitability and a decrease in the ability to produce mature sperm. The following problems may occur with age:

  • Reduced motility – sperm do not mature enough to acquire the necessary mobility to reach and fertilize the ovum;
  • Reduced effectiveness – sperm lose their mobility and that is the reason why they do not fertilize the ovum;
  • Reduction of ejaculation – semen cannot be expelled as far away as it is naturally expected at the most fertile age.

SperActive contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals with proven useful properties for normal spermatogenesis and sperm motility. It promotes the male reproductive health and fertility of the sperm.

Indications: It promotes male reproductive health and the normal fertility of sperm.

Recommended daily intake and instructions for use: Men – one sachet 2 times a day, dissolved in water. Suitable for long-term use.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose for daily intake!
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!


L-Carnitine – It helps to maintain normal testosterone levels and for complete spermatogenesis and vitality of sperm. It is found in meat (mainly red) and some dietary products. Vegetables hardly contain it. Therefore, vegetarians must take L-Carnitine as a nutritional supplement.

L-Arginine is a vital amino acid that our body needs in large quantities. In stressful situations or injuries, it becomes vital and should be taken with supplements. L-Arginine has a positive effect on the quality and duration of erection by improving blood supply to the genitals. Taking L-Arginine for a long period of time significantly increases the sperm count and its motility.

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radical damages. It increases the number of spermatozoa and improves fertility in men. Almost half of the available selenium in the male body is concentrated in the testes and in parts of the spermatic cord, near the prostate gland. Selenium is lost with semen and it is therefore important to take adequate amounts of it through supplements.

Coenzyme Q10 – The amount of Coenzyme Q10 produced by the body gradually decreases with advancing age. This can lead to problems with male fertility. Taking Coenzyme Q10-containing nutritional supplements can significantly increase sperm count and improve their mobility and activity.

Zinc – It has antioxidant properties and is involved in the biochemical processes of the human body. Increases sperm concentration (sperm count per 1 ml), improves sperm motility and increases testosterone levels.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) – It has a key role in the processes of cell division and growth, as well as in the metabolism of nerve tissue. Increases sperm count.

Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and enhances the action of other antioxidants such as selenium and zinc. It affects the synthesis of hormones, eliminates toxins and regulates metabolism. It increases male reproductive capacity, increases sperm count and motility.

Vitamin B12 – It normalizes hormonal balance, plays an important role in the synthesis of hormones, in particular testosterone, increases immunity and restores the function of cells in the prostate.

IngredientsIn one sachet of 5 grIn a maximum daily dose of two sachets
L-Carnitine Complex (such as L-carnitine fumarate) and 2:1 arginine alpha-ketoglutarate1.5 g3 g
Vitamin C90 mg180 mg
Coenzyme Q1020 mg40 mg
Zinc (as zinc sulphate)7 mg14 mg
Folic acid (Vitamin B9)200 µg400 µg
Selenium (as sodium selenite)50 µg100 µg
Vitamin B121.5 µg3 µg

Excipients: maltodextrin, dextrates; sweetener: steviol glycosides; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.


SperActive is a specialized nutritional supplement created on the basis of modern scientific data on the effectiveness of the ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine is essential for sperm formation. Recent findings indicate that it improves sperm quality in men. According to experts, L-Carnitine is a “doping” for sperm.
  • A number of studies have proven that taking L-Arginine as a nutritional supplement may increase the reduced sperm count and ejaculatory volume.
  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) – Recent studies in the Netherlands show that it increases sperm count when it is reduced.